Custom Bed Headboards & Accessories

The bedroom is where you spend quite a bit of time in your home. Whether you are sleeping in bed, reading your favorite book, or getting ready for work, you find yourself looking at your bed and bed accessories frequently. Annapolis Window Coverings can help you create the perfect custom headboard and bed accessories for your bedroom in Annapolis, Maryland.

With all the time we spend in our bedrooms, it’s important to fill the room with colors, styles and patterns that are comfortably and truly enjoyable. With our custom headboards, pillows and canopies, we can create a look that perfectly reflects your personal decorating style. We design everything from elaborate, decadent canopies that make your bed fit for royalty to modern headboards that look great in a simple, contemporary room or a classic and elegant space.

No matter what style works best for you, we will be sure to put personal time and attention towards the custom design and creation of your headboard, canopy, pillows and other bed accessories. You should not have to worry about your headboard breaking or the fabric on your canopy tearing. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials and make sure they look exactly the way you imagined.

When you are ready to start designing the perfect custom headboards and bed accessories for your home in Annapolis, call Annapolis Window Covering at 410-224-2214.