Faux Wood Window Treatments

Blinds at homes in Annapolis and all throughout Maryland can get damaged and warped over time due to humidity and bright sun exposure, especially wooden blinds. For those with homes in the Annapolis, Maryland area looking for the stylish look of wood blinds or shades without the upkeep or the costs, Annapolis Window Coverings offers affordable faux wood blinds and shades.

Faux wood blinds are considerably more affordable than traditional wooden blinds or shades, and they offer many of the same desirable characteristics of wood blinds. For example, faux wood blinds and shades can blend in with just about any style you may have in your home, whether classic or contemporary, and they are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They will look great with homes that already have wood accents, and they can look great next to wood trim. Faux wood shades or blinds also do a great job of blocking out the bright sunlight, and give you the freedom to choose precisely how much light you would like to let in to your Annapolis home.

If you are looking for an attractive and well-priced window treatment option for your home, our affordable faux wood blinds and shades can be a great choice. We can help you choose the best blinds for you by meeting either in your home or our Annapolis, Maryland showroom. Contact us today at 410-224-2214 for an appointment.