Panel Track Shades

Sliding panel track shades are an elegant way to cover large windows on homes in the Annapolis, Maryland area, and Annapolis Window Coverings offers a great selection of these unique blinds in our showroom.

Sliding panel track blinds consist of large, cloth panels that cover the windows. The cloth panels are available in many different styles, from sheer to private, so you get to decide how much light you want to brighten your home. The panels can slide to the side on a track, and they fold out of the way when you want to let all of the light in the room and enjoy the sunshine. Later, you can easily slide the panels back when you need privacy after the sun goes down.

The sliding panels are available in many colors and patterns, giving you the freedom to pick the perfect material to match the style of your Annapolis home. You can choose a simple, neutral look, or you can make your sliding panel blinds stand out with a vivid fabric.

Sliding panel track shades can also be used as room dividers, too. If you do not want to permanently build a wall to divide a room but you still need some separation, our sliding panel track shades can give you privacy without completely creating a separate room.

Take a look at our innovative sliding panel track shades below, or call us today at 410-224-2214 to learn more.